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BestFuckingVintagePorn.com preseents movies made with SUPER SEXY STARLETS Annette Haven, Colleen Brennan, Kay Parker, Leslie Bovee and Raven. Along with lesser known but still sexy Amber Hunt, Beth Anna, Bonnie Holiday, Brooke West, Cara Lott, Clea Carson, Dhaije Taan, Desiree West, Gina Carrera, Harmony, Kimberly Carson, Mai Lin, Melanie Scott, Misty Regan, Nicole West, Nikki Anderson, Pamela Jennings, Sharon Thorpe, Stacey Donovan and Tamara Longley these movies were made in the 1970's and 1980's and were shot on film and presented on the big screen. In the day before VHS and home movies people went to the theater to see such studs as Eric Edwards, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Johnnie Keyes, R Bolla, Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Blair Harris, David Christopher, David Morris, Marc Wallice, Michael Morrison, Peter Andrews and Roger Caine make it with these girl on the screen. When VHS became available the movies were preseneted for purchase on the home screen for people to enjoy in their home.

Annette haven, the brunette by birth (it's easy to see as she had a full bush of hair) plays as a sultry blonde in "The Blonde". Watch as Annette plays as Classic Valerie Vincent in the wig and as herself as an up-n-coming actress.

Ever wanted to do something different in your sex life? Seen an ad for a new place to go and want to try it out? Bored with your normal sex life? Take a trip to "Sex World". Kay Parker wants a strong powerful man, instead of her wimpy lover. Sharon Thorpe after seeing "Behind The Green Door" fantasizes about a black man in Johnnie Keyes. There are more fantasies to behold in this spinning take off of "Westworld".

Fly the "Friendly Skies" in Sky Pies, a tale that takes place aboard a real 747 aircraft. Pilots and stewardesses join the "Mile High Club". Starting from when you get your ticket all the way up to landing, you get to see it all in this rachous romp.

Beth Anna a sultry brunette love to suck cock in Sweet Throat, starting out taking an apartment she returns the favor to the landloard. When the Phone Installer installs her phone, he also installs something else with her. Until she finds the man of her dreams, he also finds his dreams fulfilled with her.

A heated police pursuit leads the way in "Trinity Brown. Colleen Brennan plays a cop in this steamy feature, along with partner John Leslie they pursue a cold blooded murderer. Along the way with bad boys (Joey Silvera) and strippers (Melanie Scott) the story heats up. Find out if she "GETS HER MAN".

Movies that were shot on film in the 1970's and 1980's make up "Classic" or "Vintage Porn" movies. They were made at a time when the art was as important as the sex. Before girls started shaving their nether regions, they had full bushes and you could tell that these were real women, no silicone, just all natural women.

We have Free Video Trailers for all the movies and even some free pictures for you to view from "Sweet Throat" and "Trinity Brown".
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